The last 4 years of blogs are gone

by Jon Davis 2. October 2020 21:00

I only had a couple updates anyway so it's not like I lost much. I recently reformatted the hard drive of the server I was hosting this blog--yes, I actually still do that, "for fun". I apparently forgot that I was hosting the blog database on that drive. I managed to find an old copy of the site, so here we are, last update 2016 LOL.

If you guys are curious about what I've been up to, I'm on my 4th life reboot since 5 years ago. First I had a "come to Jesus" moment with my career, abandoning software consulting permanently. Then I discovered fast(-ish) cars and motorcycles so I got obsessed over that. Then in another career transition I temporarily abandoned web dev in my current job and have been supporting some relatively simple back-end .NET/C# in the AWS cloud. Meanwhile, I've abandoned my obsession with fast cars and motorcycles and in my evenings and weekends I have become obsessed in a literal "come to Jesus" awakening.

My latest project is something I'm still planning and working on ... ... but honestly the planning and work I'm doing on it has been in myself more than the site. Just this week I added static content containing the essentials of the Christian faith, the gospel. Last week I added geolocation for finding the neighborhood (from Google Maps) when a user registers as a new user and voluntarily provides his/her physical address or cross-streets. Two Sundays ago I created (something of a rant, sorry), which I intend to reference in case anyone wants to know what church I'm affiliated with. But for I intend to build, yes, a very basic, stripped-down, technically unremarkable social networking platform. But first I am trying to do work to prepare to go door-to-door distributing high quality faux-leather Bibles to my actual neighbors. I am genuinely looking for people near me who desire to be discipled and to make disciples without boiling that down to some 501(c)(3) structure. In other words, one-on-one fellowship and home churches. Structure should be found in less physical form and more spiritual form. 

So that's the way I'm going here. Less technical blogging here because Jesus is coming very soon and I'm not here to dork around. Then again, C# pays my bills and pays for these efforts, so it's not like my technology interests here are trash. Just, if you're annoyed by my sharing interests in spiritually minded things, get behind me, I really don't care what you think. Bye. 

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