Nail-biting success with Windows 7 Media Center and CableCard

by Jon Davis 22. June 2009 01:34

I got CableCard working today with Windows 7 Media Center. This is my first CableCard install. The install was not smooth, but it was successful. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about CableCard, but most of these stories were from two years or so ago. I expected the whole matter to be cleaned up by now. It has probably improved a lot, but I was surprised by how bumpy the ride was.


COX technicians really, genuinely, deeply hate CableCards. This was the first visit to install CableCard, but the second visit from COX in the last couple weeks where the subject of CableCards came up. These guys acknowledge that the idea behind CableCard is a sound one, but the problem is that they are so different, and the devices are so different, that it's really hard to get a successful install. [I think Microsoft can relate to this sort of experience, being that their software works with most any white box PC on the planet.] Today's installer had a nauseous-looking frown on his face consistently from the moment he climbed the outer stairs to my door until the minute he walked out the door.. although, he had a slight skip in his step when he left. I'm not sure if that's because he was glad the torture was over or if it was because it wasn't another failure.

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