Gobo Linux: My Wish Has Come True!

by Jon Davis 20. August 2007 21:39

Over the weekend I was whining (a lot) about the lame directory structure in Linux and how rediculously impossible the gobbligook is to understand at a glance. Someone pointed me to this link, which explains the mess that it is, and when I looked at it I discovered exactly what I was dreaming of: a version of Linux that has the whole structure cleaned up and making sense!!!

Gobo Linux! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoboLinux  ...   http://www.gobolinux.org/

Downloading now!!

Too bad, though, the directory names are in Mixed Case. Since Linux is case-sensitive, this'll be cumbersome... 

UPDATE: Poking around at it now. Yeah, those Mixed Case names are a real bear. The concept is precisely what I had in mind -- refactor the whole directory structure, and then just use symbolic links for the old system in order to have compatibility. But not THESE file names, not Mixed Case. This makes me wish I could just go and run with GoboLinux and make a distribution of Gobo that goes back to lower-case names....


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