"Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! ... Fix it! Fix it!" - Fry on Futurama

by Jon Davis 29. March 2008 15:11

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I have a deep-rooted, unending desire to see elementary failures of the tools we use fixed.

I do this no matter what I'm dealing with. I don't like to stoop to the inadequacies of those I'm depending on caused by their apathy.

While I realize that workarounds make apathetic people more apathetic, I still end up doing this because:

  • It shows I care. It's one thing to sit around and complain. It's another thing to actually take time out to fix what those you're depending on have done themselves.
  • It reflects shame on those who should have cared. I had to write that workaround. I had to pay for that license, or that hard drive. I refused to settle for a $15 coffeepot and pick coffee grinds out from between my teeth.
  • It should cause these people to realize that the problems are resolveable. It's a lot harder for me to create and share workarounds than for the people responsible for these things to provide what was needed in the first place. Yet, here we are, sharing the solutions or workarounds.

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