Two More Things About Windows 7

by Jon Davis 17. January 2009 04:44

I wanted to add two more early comments on my experience with Windows 7 so far.

  1. My favorite new feature of Windows 7 is the ability to take a normal / restored window and maximize it by just dragging it to the top of the screen and letting it dock. I can restore it in the same way, just drag the title bar off the top of the screen and it becomes restored again. And if I want it to fill the right half of the screen, I can dock it to the right, and likewise for the left side. WAY too handy, it's one of those things that makes you wonder, why haven't we been doing it that way for years?
  2. My new big fat pet peeve that makes me think someone at Microsoft is a little nutty and insane is the Virtual Store security "feature" that was implemented in Windows Server 2008 has ended up in Windows 7 as well. I cannot express enough how much I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS HORRIBLE FEATURE.
    • To fix it now you need to open "Security Configuration Management" where you'll find Local Policies -> Security Options -> "Virtualize file and registry write failures to per-user locations" and disable the thing.

On a side note, in a previous blog entry I told a "story" about how I had to use an external USB-based DVD drive to install Windows because the IDE drive wasn't detected. Well, with everything installed I was still unable to use my built-in drive. I could dual-boot to Vista and use the same drive all day, so this is clearly a driver issue. And I know I'm not the only one with the problem; as Google reveals, it's one of the big well-known let-downs of the Windows 7 beta.

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