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by Jon Davis 6. April 2010 03:34

Greetings, my minions. I decided to grace upon all of you (all of you being myself?) a short moment of an update of what I have been up to lately, just to be sure that none of you think that I have let recent personal circumstances of the last 12 months wind me up in a wheelchair or bed as a brain-dead vegetable. Actually, nothing much has changed on the personal front.

Here’s what’s exciting these days.

  1. I’m still tinkering with pet projects but have been semi-focused on something I cannot talk about for a while. However, the project does use
  2. I just got an iPad, which I cannot afford and yet here it is. I am now very satisfied that I still have a jailbroken 2G iPhone, as I can do Internet tethering for the iPad without any hassle. My expectations for serious future app offerings are huge. My cats are happy. Werd.
  3. I’m getting extremely excited about Windows Phone 7. This is Microsoft’s great big opportunity to really compete with Apple’s feminine hygiene products and I think they just might even enter the playing field (although I must confess I really don’t like the busy-ness of the demo’d Windows Phone 7 main menu, especially compared to the consistency of iPhone app icons; I voted for the Zune interface because it was clean and uncluttered). I am particularly intrigued by Microsoft’s boldness in giving only Silverlight or XNA as API platforms for the Mobile 7 platforms. Hmmmm C# and Silverlight/XNA versus Obj-C and Cocoa Touch, hmmm, I wonder which one is going to be more ideal for developers? Duhrrrr…
  4. This is a great time to be a PC gamer!
    • Most recently, I finally got around to loading up Company of Heroes, which I bought three years or so ago in the inspiration of a [then] boss who had bought Command & Conquer “to play with friends”, and nobody but me wanted to play that. I borrowed the game but lost interest, so I bought CoH. Sadly, I got stuck on CoH in the second or third mission, it didn’t “click” how the game was supposed to be won, and I kept losing, so I gave up and the game sat there for a couple years. But a month or two ago I finally managed to get in there, and rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, like a madman until I beat that level. From there, the game just “clicked” and I understood why this game was so awesome. Loved it!
    • A few months ago I also bought and beat Dragon Age: Origins. Excellent game, I must say! Very immersive offering from Bioware.
    • Another Bioware hit that I bought and beat was Mass Effect 2. It disappointed me a little, but it was still one of those “ZOMG I HAVE TO FINISH THIS” games.
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum turned out to be an outstanding, beautifully designed game. I was never much of a Batman fan, but this is a just plain drool-worthy game. It is also the first game that I’ve seen make obnoxiously verbose mention of support for 3D gaming. I had recently purchased some red/blue film glasses for situations like this, now that the nVidia GeForce chipsets and drivers natively support 3D, so I turned it on, and wow! Stomping through the Arkham Asylum halls really felt like being there. I now have a great deal of appreciation, though, of the “real deal”, the true 120+Hz monitors with which you can buy 60Hz synchronized shutter glasses where the content is different in each eye without color distortion. The red and blue thing is really uncomfortable.
    • I never did play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which I did buy, because I still haven’t finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is truly great game (one of the best action games of all time) but it’s just too hard for me. However, I did buy and beat Battlefield: Bad Company 2... Oh. My. Word. This game is absolutely incredible. It is by far the best multiplayer shooter I have ever played. And if the single player game wasn’t so short, it would be truly monumentally awesome, up there on par with the Half-Life series of the action genre. Sadly, it is indeed short, and when you see the credits rolling, you’re more irked than satisfied.
    • I got the lifetime subscription of Star Trek Online. It was a mistake. She’s dead, Jim. The ratings agree.
    • I’m feeling nostalgic about Homeworld, the best epic story in game form ever (tear-inducing!), and never did finish Homeworld: Cataclysm (too hard!) nor have I played Homeworld 2. They’re old games, but I’ve decided that I want to have completed them. So that’s what I’ve most recently fired up.

Now, my kindred children, return. Go back to your lives that are inspired by my doings, and dream big dreams, yes, big dreams, of being like me. LOL ... cat fur up your noses and all!!

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