Upgrade / Update Rooted Android HTC EVO 4G Including HBOOT 2.16 Update

by Jon Davis 10. October 2011 06:50

I am just putting this out there for the Googlebots to pick up because I just went through hell trying to gather this information. The Android rooting community is awfully crude.

I had a somewhat stale version of Unrevoked-rooted Android installed on my HTC EVO 4G phone and it had 2.10.001 of HBOOT installed. Sprint pushed a new system update a month and a half or two months ago, and any such system update requires backing up (Titanium Backup), updating, re-rooting, and restoring. The latest from the Android rooting community is http://revolutionary.io which seems to require v2.15 or v2.16 of HBOOT. In my case, I got this unfriendly error: supersonic with 2.10.001 is not supported at this time.

So the obvious next path to take is to update HBOOT. Google for “how do I update HBOOT” or “update HBOOT”' or “upgrade HBOOT” or “download latest HBOOT”, etc., and you get a gajillion hits to absolute crap. Tons of forum.xda-developers.com forum posts, et al, but with no explanation on how to upgrade HBOOT. Eventually I figured that maybe the latest OTA update package download might bundle in an HBOOT update, so I kicked off a download of PC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.53.651.1_Radio_2.15.00.0808_NV_2.15_release_209995_signed.zip

This seemed to do the trick. Before I ran that, though, I should add, revolutionary.io’s web site referenced an IRC channel. Someone on the Unrevoked team proved INCREDIBLY helpful months ago when that was the primary method of rooting the EVO 4G, so I figured that was a likely good path. All I wanted to do was to validate that the above-mentioned .zip file was the correct approach, as well as seek assistance on steps to properly deploy in case my guesswork fails me.

Unfortunately, the guys I ran into on revolutionary.io team got bitten by the old IRC social crudeness bug. Not only did they complain that my questions were more appropriate for a “general Android discussion channel” and pointed me at http://revolutionary.io/topic.jpg, when I said that it couldn’t be more on-topic since their own EXE indicated that only v2.15/2.16 is supported they not only immediately banned me from the channel but they blocked my IP from their web server. (As if I didn’t have other access points.)

Just be wary. Rude and crude people lurk in those parts.

To root access developers, you might find more success in life if you replace that whole “ban the n00bs” mentality with a donation button.

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